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Design Phase


We realize that not every business has its own advertising department or access to an advertising company. At NVS Wraps, we want to ensure the maximum effectiveness of your graphics. So that is why we provide design services which provide more than just throwing some words and images up on your vehicle. Your wraps are an investment in your business. We want to make sure that you maximize the return on your investment. We have the marketing and advertising expertise to help conceptualize your message, as well as execute that message with exceptional computer design and imagery.

You need a company that can understand key factors like:

  • What is your target market? 

  • What are your customers’ needs?

  • How do you plan to utilize your wraps?

  • What should go on the wrap and where should everything go?


By working together with NVS Wraps, you can utilize our experience and gain a competitive advantage over your competition.


Long-term Top-Quality Wraps

For top-quality wraps, NVS Wraps, utilizes only the very highest quality materials in the industry.

Adhesive Vinyl

NVS Wraps, gives our customers choices of high quality material by high quality manufacturers, like 3M.  We use long-term vinyl for your vehicle wrap and cast perforated film for the windows.


For our top-quality wraps, we use UV resistant roll laminates.  Liquid Laminates are cheaper, but they do not provide UV protection and they are only for shorter-term applications.  We would never recommend liquid laminate for long-term graphics.  We use 3M cast laminate, and our optically clear window laminate allows the vehicle occupants to see out clearly through the windows.

Shorter-Term Temporary Wraps

We understand that not everyone needs a top-quality, long-term wrap.  Sometimes, customers are only looking for shorter-term wraps for events or promotions.  For these wraps, NVS Wraps recommends using some economy-type materials.  We can utilize shorter-term vinyl and liquid laminate (provides no UV protection) for these types of applications.

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